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Company Capabilities

AGS-LLC provides a wide range of analytical and data analysis services that are usually offered only at non-commercial research facilities.  These include coupling multiple real-time field analytical methods with geophysical/hydrogeological techniques that meet all applicable quality assurance/quality control requirements.  In addition, AGS-LLC provides state-of-the-art multivariate and statistical methods, data mining analyses and other numerical techniques to help identify the root cause(s) of a problem.

Examples of other technologies include defining sediment/contaminant transport patterns in the Chesapeake Bay of Virginia based on the trace elements within a single mineral, weathering impacts of lead shot in wetlands based on field chemical analyses, delineating different sources of organic solvents based on their stable isotope content and developing a new method to remotely identifying small scale objects such as roots or the presence of small unexploded ordnances using a micro-EMT technology AGS-LLC invented.


AGS-LLCs approach to problem solving is interdisciplinary and often draws upon a wide range of disciplines, including:

Biology and Ecology
Enviromental Chemistry
Toxicology and Risk Assessments
Air Quality Management
Geology and Stratigraphy
Hydrology and Hydrogeology
Sedimentology and Agronomy
Numerical Modeling
Data Management/ Geographic Information Systems
Statistics and Geostatistics
Construction and Project Management
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